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From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel
Here are possible review scores:
1 Strong Reject (SR)
2 Reject (R)
3 Weak Reject (WR)
4 Neutral (N)
5 Weak Accept (WA)
6 Accept (A)
7 Strong Accept (SA)

List of presentation proposals

Wikis, free knowledge and copyright law

No. Title Presenter (first author) Vote1 (Harel) Vote2 (Ijon) Vote3 (Deror avi) Vote4 (OrsolyaVirág) Vote5 (aude) Vote6 (TXiKi) Vote7 (Beria) Vote8 (Sasha) Final Score comments Submitter attending?
1 Cultural Fair Use, Political Narrative and Copyright. A SA A A SA SA SA
2 Don't burn the committees: set up your own Jaroslaw Lipszyc (Rekrutacja), Kasia Sawko, Tomasz Ganicz (Polimerek) SA N SA A A WA A
Workshop Yes
3 Fighting The Intellectual Property Regime Theredmonkey SA A A A A A A
4 Freedom of panorama and Wikimedia Commons Christopher Cooper SA SA SA SA SA SA SA

Wiki Culture and the Community

Group 1

No. Title Presenter (first author) Vote1 (Harel) Vote2 (Ijon) Vote3 (Deror avi) Vote4 (OrsolyaVirág) Vote5 (aude) Vote6 (TXiKi) Vote7 (Beria) Vote8 (Sasha) Final Score comments Submitter attending?
5 "Get Jimmy off my screen!" - the donations model for the 2010-2011 fundraiser Philippe Beaudette and Megan Hernandez A SA SA SA SA SA SA
6 Accessibility and Wikipedia User:AniVar and User:Santhosh.thottingal SA SA SA SA SA SA SA Did they get a scholarship? Not sure. Did not get scholarship.
7 Account Creation Improvement Project Lennart Guldbrandsson SA SA SA SA SA SA SA SA
8 Best practices in mentoring programs Tim Moritz A A SA A SA SA SA SA
I suggest to simplify the structure of this session - not sure we need three separate working groups or that we'll have time for that. Keep it more streamlined. No, Ireas and Nemo bis will undertake the session.
9 Biography of living people : "Sorry I'm not dead" Thierry Coudray A A SA A A A SA
10 Categorization system strengths and pitfalls SpeedyGonsales A WA SA A A SA WA A
11 Challenges encountered when working on Wikimedia projects for endangered languages Carlos Manuel Colina SA A SA A SA SA SA
Suggest cooperation with submission 107. Yes
12 Changing the world, one law at a time (Lobbying for Wikimedians) Mathias Schindler SA SA SA SA SA SA SA
I would put on emphasis on making this talk accessible for an audience without much legal knowledge or understanding of the nuances of copyright.
13 Chiara Ohoven and the strange tale of German Leistungsethik Dirk Franke A WA A WA A WA A
14 Collaborative Diplomacy Tiffany Smith A SA SA SA SA WA Panel (?). Might have special appeal for the local Israeli audience. O.:This sounds great but I can't vision it as a panel.
15 Cooperation across different Wikipedia languages - the death anomalies case study WereSpielChequers A SA SA WA SA SA SA
Need to better explain what the project is about inside the abstract (not behind the link). O.:I couldn't realize what the project is about. Yes
16 Cultural Configuration: Autoreferentiality in Wikipedia Marc Miquel WR SA WA A SA Asaf: concept clear; point/goal of talk unclear. O.: I agree. Yes
17 Editor Satisfaction Survey Manuel Merz WA N WA WA N Someone wrote: If the survey is being conducted in June, will results be ready? Asaf adds: this looks like something that should be shared digitally and discussed over a longer time. Manuel: Yes, preliminary results will be ready as a basis for discussion. Final results will be released digitally under a free license. Yes
18 Editor Survey Barry Newstead SA SA SA Asaf: merged into #20 Yes
19 Editor trends - Wikipedia PT Jonas Augusto Xavier R N N N WR Asaf: too narrow for Wikimania Yes
20 Editor Trends Study and Other WMF Research Howie Fung, Steven Walling, Diederik Van Liere SA SA SA SA A Asaf: I work for the WMF, so I abstain Yes
21 Encouraging Participation in Wikimedia Projects Brandon Harris, Howie Fung, Steven Walling SA WA SA WA Asaf: I work for the WMF, so I abstain Yes
22 Everything You Know About Wikipedia Is Wrong Kat Walsh, Fluffernutter, Ironholds, Kim Bruning, and James F SA SA SA SA SA A full panel - 1.5 hours Ironholds - maybe, dependant entirely on the presentations
Fluffernutter - not registered yet, but yes
Kat: yes
James F.: Yes.
Kim : definitely if talk = true;
23 Flagged Revisions - a step forward never taken? Victoria Doronina SA A A A Yes
24 From a group of volunteers to a professional team Beatriz Busaniche SA SA SA SA
25 From on-wiki conflicts to real-life collaboration Milos Rancic A WA WA A O.:Milos, your presentation is not really well described. Could you pls add more info? Yes
26 GLAM partnerships in the real life Adrienne Alix A A A WA Yes
27 Global distribution of our community and readers Erik Zachte SA A A N Yes
28 GlobalMelt Michelle Thorne A A A WA workshop Yes
29 Grey Revolution: Motivating Older Persons to Participate in Wikipedia Karen Torben-Nielsen, Jonathan Bennett, Stijn Bannier, Rüdiger Glott & Beat Estermann SA SA SA A Workshop Karen Torben-Nielsen: Yes. Stijn Bannier: Yes.
30 Growth and development of Wikimedia Deutschland Sebastian Moleski SA SA SA SA Requesting 45 min; A: Perhaps put in session w/ 24? O.:Good idea! Yes

Group 2

No. Title Presenter (first author) Vote1 (Harel) Vote2 (Ijon) Vote3 (Deror avi) Vote4 (OrsolyaVirág) Vote5 (aude) Vote6 (TXiKi) Vote7 (Beria) Vote8 (Sasha ) Final Score comments Submitter attending?
31 Hippies with guns: how ideological conflict shapes Wikipedia and what we can learn from it Oliver Keyes/Ironholds A N WA SA N WA
Maybe, dependant entirely on the presentations.
32 How Rules and Resources Constrain Social Memory on Wikipedia: the case of 2011 Japan earthquake Emmanuel Wathelet and François Lambotte WA SA A WA A SA A
33 How scary is Wikipedia for non-machos? Karen Torben-Nielsen & Jonathan Bennett SA SA A SA A SA
A: Do we accept both this and #29 (workshop)? Can they be combined? Yes
34 How to spam wikipedia and get away with it Decora WA WA WR WR R B: I love the name, maybe we should do another presentation with this name.
35 How to Start a Party on Six Continents Jay Walsh, Steven Walling, Moka Pantages A SA SA SA SA SA
36 How Wikipedia spreads to other media MADe A A SA SA WA A
Based on presentation made in Gdansk
B: Did he get a scholarship?
Yes Yes
37 Iberocoop: Regional cooperation in action Galileo Vidoni, Ivana Lysholm & Osmar Valdebenito A A SA A - - A
B: I'm involved in, so i will not vote. Yes
38 Inclusionism, deletionism, bot created articles and notability exceptions correlated with user satisfaction SpeedyGonsales A WA N N SR N
B: As a debate on-wiki might work, but as a presentation is too biased to be accepted. Yes
39 Intercultural Issues Across Wikimedia Projects Delphine Ménard A SA SA A SA SA
40 Intopedia - Ask not what Wikipedia can do for you - ask what you can do for Wikipedia! Hans-Jörg Happel, Ben Romberg SA WR N WA N Hans-Jörg: yes if approved; Ben: no
41 Language policies on the Tagalog Wikipedia Josh Lim, Joseph Ballesteros, Eugene Villar and Frederick Calica A A A WA WA A
Lim: yes
Ballesteros: yes
Villar: yes
Calica: will ask
42 Let's get local! Sylvain Boissel SA A A A WA A
Requesting 30 min Yes
43 May it please the court Kat Walsh SA SA SA SA SA SA
44 Missing Wikipedias Milos Rancic, Jon Harald Søby A SA SA SA A SA
45 National-Scale Wiki for Rights and Benefits Amity Korn N N WR WR WR N N
Could this become a Wikimedia sponsored project? If not, is Wikimania the appropriate venue? Yes
46 Our educational wikis - pros and cons of Wikipedia Paul Bacsich N WA N WR
47 Participating in research projects Mathias Schindler, Angelika Adam, Denny Vrandecic, Dario Taraborelli A SA N A A
Panel - (perhaps for chapters conference?)
B: Together with 52
48 People are Knowledge Aprabhala, Mohau, Shijualex, Mayur SA SA SA A SA
Film + presentaion + discussion = 1.5 hours. Might be too long in this format. Yes (three of the presenters will be)
49 Philippines in a Colonial, Commercialized, and Fascist Education Michael Angelo Rivera N WR SR R
50 Project Internet in Sweden Johan Jönsson and Jan Ainali WA SA A A A
51 Readership Survey Barry Newstead A SA A A A
Possible overlaps with numbers 18, 20, 100 to be clarified and settled. Yes.
52 Reflecting knowledge diversity Mathias Schindler, Angelika Adam, Denny Vrandecic A SA SA A SA
Panel. Possible overlap with 47 - needs to be resolved or clarified.
B: Together with 47
53 Revival of Sanskrit language Vibhijain A N A WR B: Not sure if that is a appeal or a submission No, But I will like to submit my presentation.
54 Revival of the Hindustani Language and the Role of Wikipedia Hindustani Language SA A A R WA
B: As a panel or a discussion, yes. As a presentation i don't imagine would work. No
55 School-sized-Wiki Luiz Paulo O. Pereira da Silveira A WA SA N Did he get a scholarship?
56 Simulacrums of Wikipedia in Polish press - Comparative and Historic perspective Bartosz Kosinski WA A A N
57 Small Wikipedias, Great Expectations: Following the campaign for the development of the Greek-language Wikipedia. Ilektra Pavlaki SA SA A WA A
Dependent upon submission approval.
58 Sport Wiki Academy Laura Hale WA WA WR WR
59 Stand Up, Speak Words, Spread WikiPassion Florence Devouard SA SA WA SA SA
Anthere: yes of course !
60 State of the GLAM: DC User:Aude A SA - - A WA A
Yes Yes

Group 3

No. Title Presenter (first author) Vote1 (Harel) Vote2 (Ijon) Vote3 (Deror avi) Vote4 (OrsolyaVirág) Vote5 (aude) Vote6 (TXiKi) Vote7 (Beria) Vote8 (Sasha) Final Score comments Submitter attending?
61 Strategies for Wikinews Milos Rancic A SA A A A A A
B: With 94 Yes
62 Support the miners - improving quality by boosting editors work Denis Barthel SA SA SA SA SA SA SA
63 Taking Wikipedia in Higher Education to the next level Frank Schulenburg SA SA SA SA SA SA SA
B: Togheter with 92 and 96. Yes
64 Taxonomy of Indian (Bharatiya) Religious Literature since Vedic times B S N Prasad WR R R SR SR SR R
65 The line of sufficiency Kiril Simeonovski A WA WA WA WA WA
workshop Yes
66 The Volunteer Response Team: Willing hands working unseen Alice Wiegand A SA A A SA A
67 The Wiki-Indian Swaroop G Rao A SA SA A A B: If he is not going to Wikimania, who will present that if approved? No
68 The Wikiclinic Project Claudia Ivette Herman and Vladimir Herman. A A A A
69 The Wikipedian Condition Josh Lim A WA WA A Did he get a scholarship? Yes, and I got a scholarship. :)
70 Volunteer Response Team Workshop Alice Wiegand A SA A WA A
Workshop (see also 66 above). Maybe just have one of them because of overlap. yes
71 War and Peace: Writing Wikipedia Social Histories Maryana Pinchuk and Victoria Doronina A A A SA A
Maryana: can't make it, unfortunately!
72 Webfonts Santhosh.thottingal SA N N WA Tutorial. Very important to smaller languages. (Did he get scholarship?) Not sure. Did not get scholarship.
73 What next in GLAM? Liam Wyatt SA SA SA SA SA SA
74 What place for companies on Wikipedia ? Christophe Henner A SA A WA
75 What Readers Want Christine Moellenberndt WA SA WA SA Unfortunately unable to attend.
76 Where Wikipedia has gone wrong, what we can do to bring it back on track Dror Kamir A SA A SA SA
symposium yes
77 Wiki Loves Monuments Multichill & Lodewijk Gelauff SA SA SA SA SA -- SA
B: I'm organizing it in Portugal, so i will not vote. Yes, Yes
78 Wiki Migration Dr. Vadim Zaytsev WA WA WA A N WA
79 Wiki to LaTeX Dirk Hünniger SA A A N N No
80 Wiki-based National Content Development Susanna Mkrtchyan A A WA WA A
81 WikiAfrica: Call for last mile operators Isla Haddow, Iolanda Pensa A SA A SA SA SA
82 WikiGuides and new users James Alexander SA SA SA WA A SA
Discussion+workshop. Yes
83 Wikimedia and the Public Domain Ryan Kaldari WA SA A A SA A
Panel - maybe put in legal track. O.: I agree. Yes
84 Wikimedia Chapters Lodewijk Gelauff SA SA SA SA SA SA SA
Perhaps should be made into some kind of mini plenary because of overarching importance.
B: I agree. Maybe a 1 hour plenary.
85 Wikimedia events Phoebe Ayers & friends A SA A SA SA SA
Workshop. So many different kinds of events - maybe we need better focus?
O.: I think this would be great with #35. I left a note to Phoebe.
B: I agree with OrsolyaVirág, and loved the "& friends" ;)
86 Wikimedia in Turkey Tahsin OZUN WA A WR SR R WR WR
Submitter should provide more details in abstract. (Less than 50 so far.) Yes, also added information.
87 Wikimedia Mobile Panel Tomasz Finc, Mani Pande, Patrick Reilly, Parul Vora, Kul Wadhwa SA SA SA A A SA
Panel - duplicates with other submissions by Finc. (O.:Maybe it would fit better in the tech. group.)
B: togheter with 106.
Parul Vora - Yes; Kul - Yes; Patrick Reilly - Yes; Mani Pande -No; Tomasz Finc - No
88 Wikimedia outreach efforts in India Tinucherian , ShijuAlex SA SA SA SA A Did not get a scholarship - so not arriving
B: Togheter with 67.
Yes both Tinu & Shiju is now attending
89 Wikimedia projects in Classical languages - An overview of Challenges and Growth prospects Surya Prakash A WA A A A Has a scholarship? No.
B: Since he is not comming, who will present that?
90 Wikimedia technical staff vs. the World Guillaume Paumier A SA A A SA A

Group 4

No. Title Presenter (first author) Vote1 (Harel) Vote2 (Ijon) Vote3 (Deror avi) Vote4 (OrsolyaVirág) Vote5 (aude) Vote6 (TXiKi) Vote7 (Beria) Vote8 (Sasha) Final Score comments Submitter attending?
91 Wikimoney S.M. Belmonte SR R R SR SR SR R O.: It will be released as a book, anyway.
92 Wikipedia and Academia: Experiences from the Campus Ambassadors Program in the US and UK Sadads SA SA SA SA SA A SA
O.:Could be in the same panel w/ 63. did he get a scholarship? Yes I am coming, got a scholarship.
93 Wikipedia and beyond: Incentivizing the engagement for freely licensed material and projects Nicole Ebber SA SA SA SA A SA
94 Wikipedia and Wikinews: differences between news articles and encyclopedic news Iván Martínez and Dennis Tobar SA A A A SA A
O.:Could be incorporated with 61. DT: Yes
IM: Yes
95 Wikipedia as UNESCO World Heritage - a status report Catrin Schoneville A SA SA A SA SA
96 Wikipedia Chapters in Institutions of Higher Learning Kosgei K. Isaac A SA A A WA
97 Wikipedia Illustrated Galia Offri & Mushon Zer-Aviv SA A A A A A
workshop + talk Yes
98 Wikipedia is afraid of governments Deryck Chan WA SA A A A A
99 Wikipedia Neutrality Disputes Correlate with Political Instability Robert B. Russell WA A A WA N
100 Wikipedia Survey: The final results Stijn Bannier, Ruediger Glott SA SA SA SA SR A
Possible overlaps with number 18, 20, 51 to be clarified and settled.
B: this survey is 4 years old and the results was given in Wikimania 2008. Not a good idea have a presentation with a outdated survey.
Stijn Bannier: Yes. Ruediger Glott: Undecided.
101 Wikipedia Takes Your City Ryan Kaldari A SA SA A A SA
tutorial Yes
102 Wikipedia used to be cool Christophe Henner SA SA A A SA O.:Could be together with 100. H: I find it super important.
103 WikiProject: Public Art Sarah Stierch A SA A SA A A A
O.:Did she get a scholarship? Yes. Yes
104 Wikis considered as least energy systems: Cultural and community implications for accuracy Richard Farmbrough A A WA WA N A
105 Wikis Love Leaders! Michal Buczynski SA WA A N N A
106 WMF Mobile Research Parul Vora, Mani Pande and Kul Wadhwa A SA SA SA SA SA SA
See also 87 above (perhaps only one of the two) - unite the two! Did they get scholarships? (they are WMF staff! - no scholarships)
A: Put 3 mobile submissions together into one session?
B: Is the best option, Aude
Parul Vora - Yes; Kul - Yes
107 Workshop. Projects in languages with singular status Joan Ramon Gomà i Ayats A WA WA SA N A
Need to be better define and explain "singular status". Yes

Wiki Infrastructure and Technology

No. Title Presenter (first author) Vote1 (Harel) Vote2 (Ijon) Vote3 (Deror avi) Vote4 (OrsolyaVirág) Vote5 (aude) Vote6 (TXiKi) Vote7 (Beria) Vote8 (Sasha) Final Decision comments Submitter attending?
108 5 Cool Libraries for Your Gadgets Neil Kandalgaonkar WA WA A SA
109 A brief introduction to MediaWiki extension development Andrew Garrett SA SA A Workshop Yes
110 A framework to visualizing wiki-based transclusion Jaime Penagos, Jean Pierre Charalambos A WA Workshop Penagos: yes if approved, Charalambos: pending.
111 A Qt library for MediaWiki, and what you can do with it Guillaume Paumier SA A A Yes
112 Anti-Vandalism Research: The Year in Review Andrew G. West SA SA SA Yes Yes!
113 Ask the Developers Daniel Kinzler SA SA SA Panel Yes Yes
114 Autonomous Detection of Collaborative Link Spam Andrew G. West A A A Yes Yes!
115 Building for Failure (Wikimedia XML Dumps on a Regular Schedule) Ariel Glenn SA SA A
116 CoSyne: Multilingual Content Synchronization with Wikis A Bronner A A A Yes Yes!
117 Developping a language for the Internet GerardM A A WA
118 Discussion and Improvement Proposals for the Current Interwiki Linking System on Wikipedia Arkaitz Zubiaga A SA --- Yes Yes
119 Editing 2.0: MediaWiki's upcoming visual editor and the future of templates Brion Vibber, Neil Kandalgaonkar, Trevor Parscal SA SA SA yes if approved
120 How to get what you want from MediaWiki developers Sumana Harihareswara, with Mark Hershberger & Rob Lanphier SA A A Undecided
121 How to handle data and run statistical analyses in Mediawiki Juha Villman WA WA Yes Yes
122 Identity, Reputation, and Gratitude Brandon Harris WA A WA Yes, pending approval
123 InlineEditor: a new editing interface Jan Paul Posma SA SA SA Template:No
124 Interlanguage links in Wikipedia: current problems and future development Innocenti V. Maresin A SA Accepted to Gdansk and didnt get a chance to present Yes Yes
125 Interscript Transliteration A Case for Konkani Language Gurudath Bantwalkar and Hari Prasad Nadig SA SA SA Yes Yes, Yes
126 Media Labs and Video on Wikipedia Update Michael Dale, Mdale A SA WA Yes Yes ( if presenting )
127 Newbies Incubator Samal SA SA SA Yes
128 Opening up Wikipedia's data: A lightweight approach to Wikipedia as a platform Dario Taraborelli SA SA A Panel (Ryan Lane: Yes, if approved) (Dario Taraborelli: Yes, if approved)
129 OpenStreetMap mapping party Aude SA - - SA Tour + workshop = 1.5 hours Yes Yes
130 ResourceLoader Roan Kattouw and Trevor Parscal A SA A (Trevor Parscal: Yes, if approved) (Roan Kattouw: Yes)
131 Seamless integration of machine translation as an aid to Wikipedia readers and editors Marek Blahuš WA WA Yes Yes
132 Speeding up the Wikimedia websites without breaking them RobLa-WMF SA WA WA
133 Strategies for free access to Wikipedia Arjuna Rao Chavala SA WA SA A: Not clear who would be on the panel No, as I did not get scholarship. Requested interested participants to lead
134 Testing for Mediawiki Mark Hershberger, Markus Glaser, Priyanka Dhanda, Trevor Parscal A A WA Panel (Trevor Parscal: Yes, if approved) (Markus Glaser: Yes) (Priyanka Dhanda: Not sure yet)
135 The Free Wiki World Map: Openstreetmap MADe SA SA A Tutorial. See also 129 Yes Yes
136 The Site Architecture You Can Edit Ryan Lane SA SA A Yes, if approved.
137 Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware - Software made the wiki way Marc Laporte and Bernard Sfez N WA WA Yes
138 WikiBhasha: Our Experiences in Enabling Multilingual Wikipedia Content Creation A Kumaran WA SA A
139 WikiLeaks Comments: An Exploratory Analysis Noa Aharony N R R R O.: We have nothing to do with WikiLeaks. Yes
140 Wikimedia Mobile Tomasz Finc SA A SA A See also 87 and 106. Only one should be accepted O.:Has scholarship?
141 Wikimedia Offline Manuel Schneider SA SA SA SA Workshop Yes Yes
142 Wikimedia Operations Overview Rob Halsell SA A SA A Dependent upon submission approval.
143 Woogle4MediaWiki - An Extension to improve Search and Guide Contributions Hans-Jörg Happel A A WA yes if approved

Wiki Technology - Communication and Business

No. Title Presenter (first author) Vote1 (Harel) Vote2 (Ijon) Vote3 (Deror avi) Vote4 (OrsolyaVirág) Vote5 (aude) Vote6 (TXiKi) Vote7 (Beria) Vote8 (Sasha) Final Score comments Submitter attending?
144 MediaWiki as enterprise software Yaron Koren WA WA WA N A WA

Wiki and Education - Wiki in Knowledge Collaboration

Group 1

No. Title Presenter (first author) Vote1 (Harel) Vote2 (Ijon) Vote3 (Deror avi) Vote4 (OrsolyaVirág) Vote5 (aude) Vote6 (TXiKi) Vote7 (Beria) Vote8 (Sasha) Final Decision comments Submitter attending?
145 A Smart Dictionary. From Information to Knowledge Susana Martin WA WA WR WA R Yes
146 Ambiguous interwikis Anton Chupin A WA N A WR See also 118 above. (There was a presentation about this last year.) Most probably, but depends on scholarship
147 Barriers and opportunities for expert participation in Wikipedia: Results from a survey Dario Taraborelli, Daniel Mietchen, Panagiota Alevizou SA SA SA A A Panel (Dario: Yes, if approved; Daniel: Yes, if approved)
148 Best Practice Lakshmi Narayanan R R R R R
149 Collaborative Hypervideo Authoring in Common Wikis Engines Niels Seidel A A A A Might fit in session w/ 126 (Michael Dale) Yes, but I do need a final decision until July 5th to request funding!
150 Collaborative Lesson Planning Charles Jeffrey Danoff A A A A
151 Collaborative Watchlist Kurt Kulac, Christoph Breitler SA A A A workshop; A: SA as presentation and A as workshop, if space in agenda yes
152 Designing a Lecture Course on Wikipedia and Wiki Technologies Vassia Atanassova A A A A Yes
153 Digital restorations Peter Weis A A SA A Workshop (requires software); Did he get a scholarship? Yes, if scholarship is approved.
154 From the Wikiversity content to its conflicts Jan Lochman A A A SA yes
155 GLAMDerby - Collaborating with a smaller museum Victuallers -Roger Bamkin, Nick Moyes et al SA SA SA SA Yes (Prob)
156 Hebrew Wikipedia entries in the eyes of experts Judit Bar-Ilan, Eti Yaari and Shifra Baruchson-Arbib SA SA SA SA Yes
157 Impact of the Public Policy Initiative through Numbers and Stories Amy Roth & Sage Ross SA SA SA A no
158 Integrating Wikipedia Projects in Technology Courses - Lessons Learned and Unexpected Pedagogical Values Gained Kari Walters SA SA SA SA Outreach related. Yes, if scholarship is approved.
159 Lessons Learned from the Lessons Taught Vassia Atanassova and Maya Marinova SA SA SA A Outreach related. Yes
160 mathematics in wikiversity Holger Brenner SA SA A A No, next time
161 New age, new knowledge Dim Grits R R SR SR O.:This doesn't seem like a presentation.
162 New opportunities in GLAM-Wiki collaboration Lori Phillips SA SA SA SA Yes
163 Opening a window into Wikipedia: Article assessment Alex Dunkel SA A A SA Did he get a scholarship? No
164 Palace of Versailles and Wikimedia projects : feedback on the experience Trizek SA SA SA SA O.:GLAM-related. Yes
165 Paragogy Joe Corneli & Charles Jeffrey Danoff N N N WA
166 QRpedia Terence Eden SA SA SA SA O.:GLAM related
167 Quality and Engagement: Making the Connection Erik Moeller, Guillaume Paumier SA SA SA A
168 Revolution of the Wiki Dror Kamir SA SA SA A
169 Science Education sihagrc R R R R
170 Student clubs: How to maintain student contributors Cheryl Moy SA SA A N Yes

Group 2

No. Title Presenter (first author) Vote1 (Harel) Vote2 (Ijon) Vote3 (Deror avi) Vote4 (OrsolyaVirág) Vote5 (aude) Vote6 (TXiKi) Vote7 (Beria) Vote8 (Sasha) Final Decision comments Submitter attending?
171 Soliciting expert reviews and contributions Alex Dunkel SA SA SA SA WA No
172 Spread the Word: Defocussing educational efforts Denis Barthel SA SA WA WA Yes
173 State of GLAM in the Netherlands Multichill SA A SA A A B: Close to 26 and 60. Not possible to create a "Glam Panel" with all projects? Yes
174 The construction of Wikipedia's epistemic culture Lior Gelernter A WA WA WA Yes
175 Towards a Semantic Wikipedia Denny Vrandecic, Yaron Koren, Daniel Kinzler WA WA SA A Panel Yes
176 Translating to Nepali from other languages RajeshPandey N WA WA WA Yes
177 Transparency: The Art of Information Sharing - Museum Artist files on Wikipedia Dr. Allison Kupietzky SA SA SA A
178 Wiki as a means to enhance dialog in the classroom Shiri Mor Hagani SA A A A
179 Wiki Editing in the High School Classroom Mina Theofilatou SA A A A Presenter cannot make it to Wikimania.
180 Wikimedia & Indigenous Peoples: Pros, Cons and Community Sarah Stierch SA SA SA SA Yes
181 Wikinglish: Can the ‘Wikis’ Be the Point of Reference for the Emerging Trends in English? Hindustani Language WA WA WA WA No
182 Wikipedia and L2 Learning (CALL) Gustavo Góngora Goloubintseff A A A SA Yes
183 Wikipedia and the Commons in instructional design and learning activities Salvor Gissurardottir WA WA WA WA Yes
184 Wikipedia as Learning Management Software Maximilian Klein WA WA WA WA Yes
185 Wikipedia content - thematics analysis Andrij Bondarenko (aka A1) A A A A Yes (if my attending won't be possible I'll delegate my presentation to Juri Perohanych)
186 Wikipedia en el aula Patricio Lorente A SA A SA Yes
187 Wikipedia Goes To School Annie Lin and Amy Roth WR WA A WA WA workshop no
188 Wikipedia in education-benefit through dialogue Elly Köpf A A WA WA Workshop. Perhaps as part of the chapters conference O.:I agree.
189 Wikipedia in the Academic World - Lessons learned from Christian Theology Writing Competition in Wikipedia Indonesia Stephen Suleeman A SA A WA Yes
190 Wikipedia's role in education Mohammed Haris Sumair R R R A O.:This is an essay, not a presentation.
191 Wikiversity: Article creation in the composition classroom Lynn Marie Hamilton SA SA SA A yes
192 Young Wikipedians’ perceptions of Wikipedia: a case study in Hong Kong Dr. Chitat Chan A A A Presenters (Jeromy-Yu Chan, Deryck Chan): Yes; first author: no
193 Submissions/ויקירפואה תומר א R R SR SR SR Not ripe yet
B: Why that is in review? There are nothing in this page
202 An open-access and open-data policy for projects of the Wikimedia Foundation Daniel Mietchen SA A SA A A A: Not sure presentation is right format, maybe part of a panel, with discussion? Sasha: Panel sounds good to me also. Daniel: Yes, if approved;
Dario: Yes, if approved


No. Title Presenter (first author) Vote1 (Harel) Vote2 (Ijon) Vote3 (Deror avi) Vote4 (OrsolyaVirág) Vote5 (aude) Vote6 (TXiKi) Vote7 (Beria) Vote8 (Sasha) Final Decision comments Submitter attending?
194 24HRS WORLDWIDE YOUTH HUMANITY Timothy A. Amida SR SR SR SR SR R B: not sure of what is the relation with Free culture and wiki
195 Baloch Culture and its Future Behroz Baloch SR SR SR SR SR R
196 Inter Lingual Wiktionary KC Varghese WR WR SR SR SR R B: that is a case for RFL
197 Medical education A.Shafi SR SR SR SR SR R
198 The Wiki Bond Feby C Varghese SR SR SR SR N R B: I left a question in talk page
199 Wiki urban art Thomas Louis Jacques Schmitt WR WR WR SR N R B: I left a question in talk page
200 Wiki-assets as the embryo of free and global markets for patents and intellectual property rights Cambre Asociados N N R N R R


No. Title Presenter (first author) Vote1 (Harel) Vote2 (Ijon) Vote3 (Deror avi) Vote4 (OrsolyaVirág) Vote5 (aude) Vote6 (TXiKi) Vote7 (Beria) Vote8 (Sasha) Final Decision comments Submitter attending?
201 Stroopwafels Lodewijk Gelauff SA SA SA B: We should only approve this if he bring Stroopwafels with him. Oyeah

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