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Lessons Learned from the Lessons Taught
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Vassia Atanassova (bg:user:Spiritia), Maya Marinova (bg:user:Maymay)
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  • Vassia Atanassova is a PhD student in the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
  • Maya Marinova is a PhD student in the Faculty of Education, Sofia University
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The presentation aims to summarize the experience of Bulgarian Wikipedian community in promoting contribution to Wikipedia among university lecturers and students. In particular, we will share some ideas and insights related to setting up and finely tuning a university wikiproject with respect to scale and scope, rules, schedule and workload, students' and teachers' motivation, as well as preliminary expectations and final results. We will offer some good practices in mentoring such projects, improving students' onwiki performance and receiving useful feedback from them.
These are the lessons learned from the lessons taught, as in the course of our wikiprojects, we have always tried to teach students how:
  • to navigate, perceive and interact with Wikipedia,
  • to critically judge their sources of information,
  • to structure and express their content in an encyclopedic manner,
  • to follow the code of conduct in the Wikipedian community.
Training students in the specifics and pros-and-cons of Wikipedia is of crucial importance, as our observations of the participants in university wikiprojects in Bulgaria show that they use Wikipedia on a daily basis and are heavily influenced by it. Together with their teachers we have tried to conceptualize and deliver them the meta knowledge and understanding of Wikipedia as a social and media phenomenon.
Our hitherto results in investigating wiki's and Wikipedia's capacity as an educational resource and platform have been discussed in several publications in Bulgarian conferences and journals.
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Knowledge and Collaboration
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Media:Wikimania 2011- Lessons Learned from the Lessons Taught - Atanassova, Marinova.pdf

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