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The Wikiclinic Project.

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Claudia Ivette Herman and Vladimir Herman.

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Faculty of Medicine, BUAP.

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User description in Spanish Wikipedia.

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Wikiclinic is a project to elaborate a wiki platform that presents the medical knowledge in a practical and interactive form. It intends to take part of the Wikimedia Foundation as Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikisource, Wikinews, Wikibooks, Wiktionary, Wikispecies and MediaWiki. The objective is to increase the depth and specialization about the contents of medicine and the related sciences that in other projects of the Wikimedia Foundation have not been covered completely. There is enthusiasm in the people related to the medical sciences to be part of the Wikimedia community; but just a few find the way to make it. To demonstrate the impact and array of this, a statistical survey was applied directed to students, professionals and researchers of the health sciences in different cities of Mexico, United States and Internet users of other countries of America, Asia and Europe. In this survey was investigated about the use of Internet in Medicine and which sources are often used in the search of information, the availability and quality of the medical contents in the Web, the impact of the Wikimedia Foundation and the need of the creation of a new project that could specializes in these areas, the compatibility of the vision of the Foundation with the Medical community, among other questions, beside making evident that its creation stimulates the participation of medicine-related persons in this new project and in the others of the Foundation Wikimedia. As conclusion, we propose the creation of the Wikiclinic project inside the Wikimedia Foundation which will play as a platform in that the medical knowledge, it will based in articles of review, medical algorithms, clinical cases, guides of patients' managing, diagnostic criteria, surgical skills, etc., in such a way that to the users related to the health sciences can consult and will be ready to take part actively. Medicine agrees with the free knowledge and Wikimedia is the best way of obtaining it.

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Wiki and Education - Wiki in Knowledge Collaboration and Wiki Culture and the Community.

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Yes; what would really stop would be if it was not obtaining the complete scholarship.

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We hope to be able to collaborate with you and to be able to be present at the great event. God blesses them.

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