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Wikipedia's role in Education
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Mohammed Haris Sumair
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Wikipedia has always been helping children and students, in their education by enabling the whole world to explore the only free encyclopedia online , students h've had helped by Wikipedia by distributing it's treasure of knowledge. On every aspect in the universe may be fact or fiction or any subject like "Biology,Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics etc." and it has already helping a lot but now much more because now Wikipedia is available in HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS of languages ; So, that it can give all the people the treasure of Knowledge.People especially students h've had been admiring and praising Wikipedia not just because of their personal gains but because it's worthy of it. And it has also helped many people like Engineers and Architects by giving a vast knowledge of Infrastructure.We all know "Education is not just teaching and learning skills" but it is more than that and that has given to all by WIKIPEDIA. Not only main subjects but also small branches like "Algebra,Botany,Zoology,Embryology,Thermodynamics,Aerodynamics,Kinetics,Atom's structure," and especially about INFRASTRUCTURE.Many students today say that they have cleared and passed the exams without difficulty because of Wikipedia's pious act and of course it has helped all in the tough subjects like "HISTORY,POLITICAL SCIENCE,GEOGRAPHY,EVOLUTION,ECONOMICS,DISASTER MANAGEMENT" and much more. We all know that Wikipedia is the only free encyclopedia on the internet and it now gives scholarships which help children to learn and have better education. So,we can conclude that Wikipedia is playing a Very Big role in education of students.I must take an opportunity to congratulate Wikipedia for it's role model to build the World.Not only users or members are able to take out the information but also those people who are operating Internet for first time.I myself as a User want to prescribe Wiki to all for every subject on earth, not just on earth but on the whole universe.It had been helping all,It is helping all AND it will help all in future.
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