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From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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Wikimedia Events: from Wikimania to WikiX and beyond
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Every year at Wikimania I try to facilitate a discussion about the future of the conference. This year, I'd like to expand that discussion to focus on Wikimedia events in general. This will be the seventh annual global conference of Wikimedians, and Wikimania has gained a certain maturity. This year also marked the highly successful Wikipedia 10 events all across the globe. What is the future of events in our community, what role can in-person events play in community-building and recruitment, and what should be the model be for events going forward? Possible discussion topics include:

  • the role of regional conferences and local meetups
  • what support the WMF & chapters can (or should) provide for events
  • the future of WikiX celebrations
  • the future of Wikimania
  • what governance structures and support for Wikimania (and other events) are needed? (the Wikimania Handbook, an ongoing volunteer committee, etc)
  • best practices for events; the ideal calendar; and more
  • events as recruitment tools: WikiAcademies and more
  • Models from the outside world: Global Melt, Drumbeat, CC meets, unconferences, barcamps, library conferences and more: what can we learn?

The session will consist of short presentations and discussion, and will be adapted to the interests and suggestions of participants. Please edit this session and put your name down if you want to get involved or lead a topic. The goal of the session will be to: get a coherent picture of the wide range of events in our community, their development and planned future; develop several actionable ideas for supporting events on a community-wide scale; and develop a plan for shaping the future of Wikimania.

I am happy to work with the other proposed sessions on events (globalmelt, wikipedia 10) and will put together a short panel of presentations to guide discussion if accepted.

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