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Don't burn the committees: set up your own

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Jarosław Lipszyc (Rekrutacja), Tomasz Ganicz (Polimerek)

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Open Education Coalition, Fundacja Nowoczesna Polska

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In communist Poland burning down local communist party committee was high point of almost every mass protest: Poznań 1956, Gdańsk 1971. Jacek Kuroń, legendary leader of Solidarity movement, used to say "Don't burn the committees: set up your own" to make a point: in order to win change, you need to self-organize first. In 1980, year of Solidarity, workers started not from setting ablaze local communist party building, but from setting up independent unions - and this changed history.

We do need change in the field of public policy. Public spending in education and culture should promote freedom and openness. Copyright needs to be radically reformed. Digitalization of archives and libraries means, that public domain has to be protected. But it is hard to communicate all this in mainstream. How we do it?

In Poland wikipedians, librarians, free culture visionaries, creative commonists, educators and open access aficionados all united as Open Education Coalition to promote and advocate use of Open Educational Resources. In the last 3 years, with help of Open Society Institute, we achieved a lot: we have strong community and expanding network of organizations, we explained why being open matters to literally hundreds of decision makers, and we are actively proposing legal and organizational changes on both national and local level. What we learned was, that working together we are much stronger and we actually can make a real difference.

This workshop will start with short presentation of Open Education Coalition model: what we did, what was successful and what was not. In the second part we would like to work together on defining how we can set up similar coalitions in your country and community - and hopefully also on international level. From missionary work to networking, from defining goals to securing funding, from lobbying to making things happen.

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Wikis, free knowledge and copyright law

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