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Submissions/GLAMDerby - Collaborating with a smaller museum

From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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GLAMDerby - Wikimedia UK managing change with Derby museums
How's this for Multi lingual? The British Museum project did 100 articles but only in one language
If you are looking for the presenter then he will be wearing these in Haifa
This is the place - if you don't speak Yiddish then see the QR code below
This QR Code is for Derby Museums in Indonesian - but scan it and you will find out what language it thinks you prefer
"A dead pigeon article in how many languages?" being checked by inspector from "the Catalan Army" who travelled 100s of miles to see it
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Victuallers -Roger Bamkin, Nick Moyes et al
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Derby Museum
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Following a strong involvement with the Backstage Pass at the British Museum in June 2010 I decided to see if this model of co-operation could be applied to a smaller museum. What are the advantages to a small museum of collaboration? How do you change the barriers to partnership? In January 2011, Wikimedia UK decided to collaborate with Derby Museums in a move that was welcomed by Jimmy Wales. By the time the Backstage Pass happened in April we had managed two policy changes in the museum; installed QR codes; written Wikipedia articles, translated the Derby and Museum page into a dozen languages. By the day of the pass we had removed the monolingual QR codes and installed the new Multi-lingual QRpedia codes developed by the author and Terence Eden. (We had also seen the main contact person in the museum made redundant.) The collaboration continues with a multi-lingual competition that has been funded by Derby Museums with a closing date in September. How did we change? How and why did a small museum create more change?
Did we crowdsource a thousand articles and translations? You can still help - Who will submit an article during Wikimania? ... and in what language?
Have you loaded a QR Code reader ready for the talk? Try it on the QR code shown - the url is for the Indonesian version - but try it and see what happens!
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Wiki and Education - Wiki in Knowledge Collaboration
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