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Submissions/Stand Up, Speak Words, Spread WikiPassion

From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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Stand Up, Speak Words, Spread WikiPassion
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Florence Devouard
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Anthere - fdevouard *aaa* anthere.org
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Wikimedia Foundation Advisory Board
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http://www.devouard.com (the site) and http://anthere.org (the blog)
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A participant to Wikipedia since 2002, I have regularly been a speaker in public or private events since 2004. Each time is a fabulous opportunity to talk about our collective passion and to invite others to join us in building our common dream. Public speaking is part of the bigger "outreach" mission and is a neat way to recruit new Wikimedians, to build strong relationships with cultural and educational institutions, to inform journalists, to (try to) convince politicians, to stun companies managers, to raise money etc.

Still, rather few wikimedians choose this path. It is time consuming, may be costly, and IS scary ! This results in requests for public speaking being sometimes neglected. This results in opportunities to spread our passion being missed. Besides, if some powerpoint presentations have been published on meta wiki, few good practices, rough experiences or powerful times have been shared till today.

So, I would like to help fill this hole, reflect on my own experience, and hopefully have this talk be an opportunity to share the good, the bad and the ugly regarding public speaking on Wikimedia topics.

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People and Community
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