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From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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Let's get local! The example of contributors from Rennes
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presentation (probably 2x 15min) with short discussion and/or Q/A session
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Sylvain Boissel.

We will be two people talking : me and Benoît Evellin.

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Wikimedia France
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The "Non-Cabale de l'Ouest" (or NCO) is a group of Wikipedia/Commons/Wikisource contributors meeting on a (more than) weekly basis since 2008 (yes, that's more than one and a half hundred IRLs) in Rennes to talk about the projects. During these two years, we accomplished a certain number of things on the projects on a local scale (Wikipedia takes Rennes/Nantes/Angers/etc., participations in article writing contests with a focus on local topics...), but also on a wider one (for example, all the technical work for some GLAM partnerships like the BnF one was handled by NCO members), and we also realised a number of off-wiki things: presentations of Wikipedia during some local Free software public events, starting a partnership with local institutions, and, in May 2011, a big one-week display of Wikipedia articles in the street (for Wikipedia 10 years anniversary. Please see wp10.fr for details - French only, sorry.)

In this workshop, we will present some of our accomplishments, and wish to discuss how local coordination can advance the Wikimedia projects and increase one's involvement in the Wikimedia movement. And we also wish to incite people to make the same thing in their city ;)

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People and Community
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