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Submissions/Inter Lingual Wiktionary

From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

This is an open submission for Wikimania 2011.

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Inter Lingual Wiktionary
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KC Varghese
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Inter Lingual Wiktionary (WikiInteLictionary) is a proposal for a new version of Wiktionary which provides the users the meanings of words from any language in the same or any other language. From this Wiktionary people will become able to translate their words or any textual material from one language to another language.

This is very similar to Google Translate. InteLiWiktionary may implement much easily and user contributable. A database of words will be the spine of this project. The present databases of dictionary of different languages can be used in this project also.

Only thing what we require is an additional linking database in which we could link words of similar meaning of different language mutually. After linking a word to another word having same or similar meaning in a second language, the users will be able to get synonyms in a third language to which the word of the second language is linked to. In this way any one who use any language will get the word translated to any language in the WikiInteLictionary.

The linking can be done by any user who knows any 2 languages. But afterall he will be able to get meaning of words in any other languages.

For this linking purpose, we may use a base language like ‘Sanskrit’ as a common language as an inter-linker between different languages. In another model a word in a language can be linked to a word of another language which is linked to a third language.

To accommodate this, Wiktionary has to develop and provide a software interface.

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