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Philippines in a Commercialized, Colonial, and Fascist Education, and a Nationalist, Scientific, and Mass-Oriented Education as a Path for a Genuine Progress
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Michael Angelo Rivera
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Center for Nationalist Studies - University of the Philippines, Diliman (CNS-UPD), University of the Philippines Vocal Ensemble (UPVE), Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights in University of the Philippines (STAND-UP), UP Education Society (UP EDSOC)
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In a semi-colonial, semi-feudal country like the Philippines, having an accessible education even in the grade school levels seems to be a dream for every Filipino masses. Colonized by the Spaniards from 1521, they have established the Filipinos before as an idiot. They use their religion to instill values that makes them think inferior to them. The Ilustrados (historical Filipino intellectuals who wanted reforms) sought help. Fortunately for the United States Imperialism, they need a colony for their new market -- and also cheap manpower and raw materials. They promised liberty, education, progress, and aid to the Philippines.

1899 came, the United States bought the Philippines from Spain through the Treaty of Paris. But they denied their promise. After getting the Philippines, they never gave the Filipinos the core of government. They didn't established absolute sovereignty for the Filipinos. They thought that they don't have enough knowledge to govern the nation. Moreover, behind these is their economic interest in the Philippines.

They established economic, cultural, and political bases in which US Imperialism will have more gain. They reformed the education in US fashion because they want employ Filipinos in US-owned transnational corporations. They control the economy because they need the Philippine's market, additionally they need our cheap raw materials for their own capital. They control our political system, the local bureaucrat-capitalist ensures that inside the government, the US' interests will still reign. The essence of capitalism and commercialism through the hands of the neo-colonizers emerged.

The Philippines has a very rich natural resources. But with the history mentioned, no wonder the Philippines is still living in poverty. One of which established, is a colonial, commercialized, and fascist education that best and first serves the foreign interests, and their hands -- local bureaucrat-capitalists.

In this presentation, let us see and analyze these root causes, and the alternatives or ways of alleviating, or better, eradicating this problem for genuine progress in Philippine context, and also other countries which has the same problems, eliminating poverty by destroying knowledge elitism and employing free knowledge and education.

This presentation will also show various mass movements in the Philippines for free education and knowledge and also the involvement of yours truly.

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