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OpenStreetMap mapping party!
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Did we say party? Yes! What is a mapping party? It's an hands-on opportunity to learn how to collect map data and contribute it to OpenStreetMap, while at the same time enjoy warm sunshine (we hope!) and explore Haifa! No prior knowledge of OSM is needed, nor is a GPS required. We will use walking papers (pen + paper) to take notes and mark where things are, as we walk around. We will start off walking all together in one group, with a brief tutorial, then we will split up into smaller teams (~3-4). Each group will be given a piece of the pie or a "cake" slice (a few blocks or small area) to map. After ~45 minutes or an hour, we will meet up back at the conference center where we will spend time (~45 minutes) to enter the data into OpenStreetMap. The map will update almost immediately, and we can enjoy our new, improved map of Haifa which can be used in Wikipedia. (and hope by then, you're addicted not only to Wikipedia but also OSM mapping!)

A mapping party usually then continues at a nearby pub (e.g. map on the way to the pub) but we'll see what fits in the agenda, for Wikimania. :)

This might be good to schedule for Friday evening, this way it could involve the pub. ;)

There might be prizes (if I can arrange it, or get them sponsored) for the person or team that contributes the most to OSM in Haifa, awarded on Saturday.

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  • Infrastructure
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I am attending, definitely.

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  • 1 1/2 hours could work though would be tight.
  • If time allows, and especially if User:MADe is doing Submissions/The_Free_Wiki_World_Map:_Openstreetmap, then there could be a part 1 (mapping party) and part 2 (tutorial and entering data collected in part 1). Or suppose I could do both parts or open to ideas on how to best fit this in the agenda, as a single tutorial/workshop.
  • Or please choose User:MADe's submission (and I can assist him/her), if there is time for just one of our submissions.

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  4. --80686 19:58, 12 June 2011 (UTC)[reply]
  5. I did it with Aude in New York City and it was a lot of fun. I'm sure that Haifa will present its own interesting challenges. If it won't be a scheduled Wikimania session, i still recommend interested people to get together and doing it somewhere. Amir E. Aharoni
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