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May Kalagitnaan Ba ang Wika? Isang Pagsusuri sa mga Patakarang Pangwika ng Wikipediang Tagalog (Is There a Middle Ground to Language? An Analysis of the Tagalog Wikipedia's Language Policies)
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Josh Lim, Joseph Ballesteros, Eugene Villar and Frederick Calica
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Sky Harbor /
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Wikimedia Philippines
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This panel will provide an overview of both the language policies on the Tagalog/Filipino Wikipedia and how the Tagalog Wikipedia contributes to the development of the Tagalog language as a whole. The discussion will include a historical analysis of government policies towards Tagalog/Filipino, how these policies were shaped with respect to the shaping of language policy in the Philippines and the impact the policies have on how both the language and the way the language is used by ordinary Filipinos. This in turn becomes the basis for analyzing the growth of the Tagalog Wikipedia and of Tagalog Wikipedians alike, and on the editing statistics (and editing patterns) of the Tagalog Wikipedia in general.
From there, the discussion will give an overview of how the Tagalog Wikipedia's language policies came about in the absence of strong regulation from the official language regulator, a comparison to other Wikipedias which also take active roles in shaping the language used in their respective Wikipedias (such as Nahuatl and Latin), and an analysis of the impact it has had today on both the content of the Tagalog Wikipedia, its reception and the future direction of these policies both from the community's perspective and with respect to the growth of Tagalog/Filipino.
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People and Community
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It depends. I and the other panelists will be applying for scholarships when the application process opens next year, though should both our applications and this submission be rejected, then we must regret not attending.
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None at this time, although the Tagalog Wikipedia is open to the questions of Wikipedians with respect to our language policies there. Our language policy pages (which are written in Tagalog) are all linked from the mother policy linking them together, Wikipedia:Pagsasalinwika (Wikipedia:Translation). There is also a very interesting discussion on the role of the Tagalog Wikipedia's language policies on Meta.
The language policies of the Tagalog Wikipedia are also the subject of the WikiHistories fellowship funded by the Wikimedia Foundation, which is elaborated on in the Wikimedia Foundation blog.
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