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Wikipedia used to be cool

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Christophe Henner

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Wikimedia France

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For now several months, the community is discussing how we could attract more contributors? Wikimedia Foundation is hiring employees to survey the community and get a better grasp of who is contributing, etc.

All in all, we're spending more and more time, energy and money on this issue because we're not growing as fast as we used to 4 years ago. But what if we were going the wrong way ? 4 years ago Wikipedia was cool. Wikipedia was a rebel, the website freeing knowledge. The website anyone edits. Now, Facebook is cool, Twitter is cool, Wikileaks is cool but Wikipedia is part of the landscape. Now Wikipedia is a "grown-up" and we're serious now... not rebels anymore. And perhaps we should not try to fight that, but embrace it.

We're experiencing our midlife crisis, loving what we've become but missing our early days and trying to conciliate both

This session will be the opportunity to get a new point of view on the contributors growth issue.

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People and Community

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Yes, though I'll be sad.

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