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Digital restorations

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presentation and tutorial

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Peter Weis

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Peter Weis

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Many of the images we get from our GLAM partners suffer from an ageing process and are not best solution to illustrate our articles. Many of these images would be the obvious choice if they were in pristine condition. By digitally restoring these images stains, scratches, tears and discolourations can be removed to bring back the beauty these images once had. Many hours of work are spent for most restorations in order to make them a present to our projects and to our GLAM partners. The results of a thorough restoration often qualify them to be recognised as featured pictures on the Wikimedia projects.

presenting the relevancy of digitally restored images for Wikimedia’s projects, getting people involved, learning basic steps of digital restorations

Technical requirements:
PC with Adobe Photoshop CS 5 (can bring an own laptop), projector/screen

Digital restorations focus on bringing back life to old photographs, drawings, maps, etc. by the means of digital manipulation. They have been performed for several years and enriched articles of Wikipedias in any kind of language in the hundreds. Users like Durova and Adam Cuerden have provided their knowledge on how to do this to others and created remarkable restored images.
Working with GLAMs who are most likely to have items to be digitally restored has shown that giving something back is an important sign of faith and intensifies the connection to a GLAM. Since digitally restored images tend to become featured pictures and picture of the day, the GLAM’s visibility increases significantly – ten thousands of page views on the English Wikipedia’s main page can’t be wrong.

The workshop itself will consist of two parts – a presentation and a live performance. The presentation will cover three topics:
1. Relevancy&Wikimedia (what is a digital restoration, why are digital restorations important, what is their standing on Wikimedia’s projects, what is available on Wikimedia’s projects, what can and should be done in the future, examples)
2. Preparation (acquiring source material, checking the copyright status, preparing the information template for the actual upload)
3. Workflow and technique (the importance of a proper working environment, Photoshop vs. GIMP, additional technical gadgets, what needs to be done before starting a restoration)

After this presentation there will be room to discuss, answer questions and as well a short break. The final step will be the live performance which consists of three parts as well:
1. Presenting the tools (introducing the tools used for a digital restoration, explain what to use and how on a case to case bias, introducing appropriate tools in GIMP)
2. Getting down to business (working with the actual image, demonstrating how to evaluate an image, explaining how to tackle several common problems)
3. Final adjustments (how to export restoration projects, how to save, how to upload a restoration properly to commons)

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Knowledge and Collaboration

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Depends on a positive answer to my scholarship request.

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