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Wikipedia chapters in institutions of learning( High Schools and Universities.
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Kosgei K. Isaac
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Egerton University
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I am a fourth year Student at Egerton university Kenya. I recently attended the Wikimedia for schools workshop in Strathmore University where the chief guest was Mr. Ting Chen and I was so inspired by the project done by the Kenyan chapter. We are distributing offline version of the wikipedia encyclopedia in high school and primary schools in kenya.

In line with this efforts I have a project that I would like to present. the title of my project is " Wikimedia chapters in primary schools ,secondary schools and Universities". This project is meant to promote and encourage the culture of reading and also give the chance for our students to do inter-chapter forums and symposiums every year in order to exchange ideas and get to share experiences, it will also give a chance for those who are familiar with Wikimedia to mentor the young students and ultimately help them achieve their goals. This will go a long way in promoting the success of wikimedia's mission and also in developing a knowledgeable and informed society. hope you will support me in my project

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Wikiculture and Community
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