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Submissions/How the Wikimedia Foundation is Studying Editing Trends: 2010-2011

From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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How the Wikimedia Foundation is Studying Editing Trends: 2010-2011

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Howie Fung, Diederik Van Liere, Barry Newstead, Steven Walling

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bnewsteadwikimedia.org, swallingwikimedia.org, howiefwikimedia.org, dvanlierewikimedia.org

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United States

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Wikimedia Foundation


This talk is a combined version of the Editor Survey overview and the Editor Trends Study and Other WMF Research talk. Together they will give an overview of the research at the Wikimedia Foundation oriented towards the editing community.

Part I: the Editor Survey

Barry Newstead will be presenting results from the Editor Survey that will be conducted in April. The presentation will present data from the survey on the following topics:

  1. A demographic profile of contributors to Wikipedia. We'll share data on age, gender, nationality, country of origin etc to create a profile of Wikipedia editors.
  2. An online technology ecology of contributors: We will be sharing data that will help us understand what other online activities editors pursue online, and how does contributing to Wikipedia fit into their online technology ecology.
  3. Editing activities and history of contributors, and interactions that editors with each other. We will also present data on editor perceptions around perceived discrimination and its effects on editing and continued participation in the Wikimedia movement.
  4. Funding and feedback about chapters and foundation. We'll present data that will highlight editor perceptions about chapters, foundations etc.

Part II: Editor Trends Study and the Summer of Research

This part by Howie Fung, Diederik van Liere, and Steven Walling -- takes a detailed look at the analysis contained in the Editor Trends Study as well as other related research conducted by the Foundation.

The Editor Trends Study was commissioned by the Wikimedia Foundation in late 2010 to help the Foundation and the community get a better understanding of the trends underlying the stagnation and drop in active editors since 2007. The impetus behind the study is the observation that thousands of new editors are joining Wikipedia every month, but that the number of active editors has not increased. This observation leads to the central research question: Who is leaving Wikipedia? Is it the new editors or the more experienced editors? This session takes a detailed look at the analysis used to help answer this question.

We will also present an overview of other current research conducted by the Foundation on the subject of editor retention, including ways volunteers can get involved in continuing and future research.

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People and Community

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