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From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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Wikimedia & Indigenous Peoples: Pros, Cons and Community
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Sarah Stierch
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George Washington University
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With Wikipedia projects such as “Indigenous Peoples of the Americas” in existence there are many opportunities for the sharing of Indigenous-related topics on both Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. Through this presentation I will show how Indigenous communities (primarily in North America) can serve a role in choosing what to share, exhibit, and contribute to Wikipedia. A number of pros and cons, of interest to Indigenous issues, regarding cultural sensitivity (what Wikipedia cannot do that the Reciprocal Research Network can, and vice versa), copyright concerns, oral history as a source, multi-media donations (a repository for oral history recordings, cultural related images, etc), the idea of freedom of information as a Western concept. These topics require a broader conversation between Wikipedians and those interested in Indigenous issues. Indigenous communities have a wonderful opportunity to gather together to learn how to edit, research, and contribute to Wikipedia as a whole (on any topic that interests them – Indigenous or not).

I will also discuss my own experience as a Wikipedian, primarily my recent work on contemporary North American Indigenous artists, touch on a selection of topics in need of expansion or addition to the Wikipedia world, and share conceptual ideas such as “Wikipedian-On-Reservation”.

In a world where Wikipedia is the number one go to website for students and those beginning research, Wikipedia could, and should, provide a unique outreach and repository for Indigenous communities, institutions and researchers.

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