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How to Start a Party on Six Continents: Lessons from Wikipedia's 10th anniversary

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Jay Walsh, Steven Walling, Moka Pantages

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United States

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Wikimedia Foundation


Wikipedia’s 10th anniversary may be the single largest and most widely-celebrated event in the history of the Wikimedia movement. But more important than the sheer size of the anniversary, there were also ambitious experiments by volunteers and the Foundation that broke new ground for what is possible in organizing globally-oriented, real world events about Wikimedia.

This presentation will be a retrospective on what has occurred so far in Wikipedia's 10th year celebrations, and will try to derive some lessons for anyone running events in our movement. It will touch on three general areas:

First, how these events were coordinated around the world. True to our culture, these events were organized by volunteers in a highly decentralized fashion, but there was a great deal of information sharing and collaboration on our wikis – particularly Going forward, how can we improve this model?

The Foundation also embarked on a plan for something it had never done before: distribute thousands of customized t-shirts, stickers, and buttons to Wikimedians all over the world for free. The designs that went into this swag were an important test case for how our movement can create great, freely-licensed logos, art, and other creative work. We'll talk about the steps to create more free works that are both easy to localize and powerful for communicating about our work as Wikimedians.

There were also dozens of major media stories that covered our anniversary. It was something of a given that press would be interested in the anniversary, but the tenor of these stories marked a shift in the way the press talk about Wikipedia. Years of coverage about Wikipedia has tried to answer the question: "Can it be trusted?" During our 10th anniversary there was a clear move away from this question, toward a wide public acknowledgement that Wikipedia is the web's premier reference work. We'll present some of the best examples of this and independent research that supports this evolving view.

As we look to facing the enormous challenges and opportunities facing Wikipedia in our second decade, we'd like to reflect on how the 10th anniversary celebrations can give us tools for creating future growth as an international community.

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