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From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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Susanna Mkrtchyan
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Localization of Wiki to be used for national content development (Nwiki = National Wiki, or its subversion ArWiki=Armenian Wiki), for national knowledge-base generation as well as information and content dissemination, is not available at the National level yet. Instead, the available Armenian cultural, architectural, ecological, archeological, national, scientific, etc. informational heritage exists in a raw format waiting for it’s new age of further digitization to become available in electronic format, that requires a tremendous resource for development by centrally managed and centrally controlled methodological approach.
The proposed solution will create an appropriate electronic environment for the larger public and communities to deploy larger scale participation of all spheres of society in Armenia for national content and knowledge-base generation. ArWiki framework suite will be comprised of tools, utilities, methodologies, thesaurus and linguistic models the will create a complete knowledge-base creation environment to continuously develop and enrich a national content by the usage of different data formats (e.g. text, graph, photo, video, voice, etc.) for its initiation. The framework suite will have a built-in weight-based rating system, promotional mechanisms, security access and permission level rights to control the availability and accessibility by implemented encryption and copywright protection solutions.
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