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Wikimedia outreach efforts in India
Wikimedia India Community newsletter
WP10 celebrations in Bangalore
Chennai Wikimeetup
Kolkata First Wikimeetup
Odia Wikipedia Academy at Bhubaneswar, Orissa
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Tinucherian and Shijualex

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tinucherian (at) gmail (dot) com and shijualexonline (at) gmail (dot) com

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User:Tinucherian & , User:Shijualex &


In 2010, Wikimedia Foundation identified India as one of the strategic areas of attention.[1] India poses unique sets of potential for Wikimedia Foundation and the movement. India is one of the fastest growing countries for Internet penetration in the world. With 80 million Internet users today and annual growth rates of 20% forecasted every year for the next five years, the potential for vibrant Wikimedia communities in India is significant [2]. There are 20 Indic language Wikipedias already and another 20 Indian languages are in incubation.[3] English is a widely spoken language in India and one of the official languages of country. English Wikipedia alone has already 83,000 articles related to India.

Shiju Alex and Tinu Cherian, both volunteers, have been spearheading and working together with many other Wikimedia volunteers to spread awareness and popularity for Wikimedia projects in India. In this presentation, we try to present the challenges faced, methods and further plans of working closely with the Wikimedia Outreach programme in India.

We hope that this presentation will be particularly useful for Foundation, volunteers and chapters who are working in Wikimedia outreach especially in developing countries.


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  1. Wikimedia Movement Strategic Plan : Design and deploy catalyst teams to pilot activities spurring growth in readership and editing in the high-priority areas of India
  2. Forrester Research, Global Online Population Forecast, 2008 to 2013, India to have 3rd largest number of Internet users by 2013, India Express
  3. List of Indian language wiki projects List of Indian language wiki projects

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