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Submissions/Impact of the Public Policy Initiative through Numbers and Stories

From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

This is an open submission for Wikimania 2011.

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Impact of the Public Policy Initiative through Numbers and Stories
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Amy Roth & Sage Ross
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aroth@wikimedia.org, sross@wikimedia.org
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United States
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Wikimedia Foundation
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The Public Policy Initiative team is excited to present the impact of the Initiative through participant stories and quantitative results. The Public Policy Initiative is a project that took place over the 2010-2011 school year to improve the content of public policy articles within Wikipedia through a program that integrates Wikipedia into university classrooms. We present the impact of the Initiative through various perspectives to draw a picture of the model successes and challenges.

1. The profile of an article. We highlight an article that improved through the project and show the audience the change in content before and after a student worked on it for a class assignment. We then widen the perspective to look at some numbers and graphics of article quality and the total impact of the project on content. Numbers include: total bytes contributed through the project, total number of views of articles within the project, average views per article, total number of articles directly improved by the Initiative, quantitative measurement of article quality improvement, how many articles outside of public policy were improved by student participants, and more!

2. Student stories. We show a short video of a student talking about their experience doing a Wikipedia-based assignment for class. We talk about the experience of another student who wrote an article that suddenly gained a lot of attention through current world events. We have a quote from another student who became a Wikipedian through the project. We look at some statistics about the group of students that participated in the Public Policy Initiative: total number of new editors, total number of edits, number of bytes contributed by the most active student, average bytes per student, number of “Did You Know” credits, number of Good Articles, and results from the student survey.

3. The professor's perspective. This sections starts with a live interview of a professor who uses Wikipedia in her class! We show a couple of video clips from our most active professors. We discuss the challenges of using Wikipedia in the class: it's time consuming and difficult to grade. We show results from the faculty interviews.

4. The Ambassador role. We host a discussion about the roles of Campus and Online Ambassadors between actual ambassadors. We talk about results of the Ambassador survey and give some statistics about the participating Ambassadors.

5. The Big Picture. With numbers and stories we talk about how the Initiative model successfully addresses some of the big issues facing Wikipedia today.

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Wiki and Education
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