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From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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WikiGuides and new users
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James Alexander
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How are we doing as a community obtaining, welcoming and retaining new users? How can we improve? Why should we? Did you know that 1000s of new accounts edit every day but that most are gone immediately?

We've been pouring over data (with a focus on the English Wikipedia) to try and answer these and other questions, confirm or deny the assumptions we as a community make and find out what we can and should do to make sure we have a healthy community base for the future development of the projects. We've also been using what we find to try and develop experiments and trials to see what we can do to try and make the new user experience better and easier with the help of an amazing group of experienced editors who volonteer to help reach out.

In this presentation we'll go over the data we found, the experiments we did and what we learned about the new users, about the guides themselves (and the community) and the experiments themselves as well as a comparision of what happens now to what happened in the past 5 years. We'll also engage in a discussion and workshop with the audience about what happened and to gage their opinion on what we missed and what we could try to help with recruitment and retention.

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Wiki Culture and the Community
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