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Developping a language for the Internet

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GerardM 20:05, 31 January 2011 (UTC)[reply]

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the Netherlands

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When a script is described in Unicode, it can be used for the languages that use the script. I want to tell about what it takes to bring the Batak script to a state where Google will return content for that script. As many of the sources of Batak literature can be found in European museums, I want to show how Europeana can be one source for building a corpus of initially scanned text and ultimately transcribed text for the language.

I am preparing a project around and I hope to blog in cooperation with GLAMs and the Dutch chapter about bringing Batak content to Wikimedia projects.. I hope that the presentation at Wikimania will be the culmination of activities around this. If I cannot pull this off, it will be a more theoretical presentation.

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Collaboration/Infrastructure is the obvious one

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I will attend Wikimania if I have the money to attend.. this is most likely to come from a scholarship

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