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Wikipedia in education - benefit through dialogue
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Elly Köpf
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Wikimedia Germany


Educational projects have been started all over different chapters (see the results of the Wikimedia Conference workshop 2011 on Meta). Some of the projects have their focus on schools, some on universities and others try to reach different educational institutions. The common aim is to make Wikipedia known and to inform about the structures and quality citerias of Wikipedia.
All of the project face different problems concerning the structural status of the country and the structure of the chapter. So far every chapter tempt to focus on their own projects. That makes it more likely that we forget our common goal of spreading knowledge. Sharing their knowledge would enable Wikipedians all over the world to be more successful when planning and implementing educational projects. So how can chapters draw attention to the mistakes made by others? How can we improve the dialogue and, most of all, how can we benefit more from each other?
In cooperation with the participants of the workshop I want to find ways to identify the latest developements within the sector and make it possible to discuss the missing structures and communicetion tools regarding educational projects.

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knowledge and collaboration

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