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Media Labs and Video on Wikipedia Update
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Mdale 16:04, 2 May 2011 (UTC) ( mdale at )[reply]
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Wikimedia Foundation, Kaltura
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Media Labs and Wikimedia Video will cover the continued efforts to bring rich media experiences to the Wikipedia projects. With rapid advancement of JavaScript engines and more extensive media api's in modern web browsers, the ability to deliver rich collaborative media editing experiences over the web is rapidly coming to fruition. JavaScript based editors for SVG graphics, image editing, video transcription / translation, video editing, and 3d model editors are emerging. More so, these rich media web editors built in the web context, can easily take advantage of shared data, and explore new models of collaboration as identity and network connectivity are inherent properties of these web based applications. Media Labs hopes to enable the promise of collaborative free knowledge production of rich media experiences. To enable this promise, the platform must provide visibility for innovative applications and fertile ground for experimentation and evolution of these collaborative media editing systems.

The presentation will look at real world projects in this area including: TimedMediaHandler which adds native support WebM video format and TimedText collaborative subtitle support to Wikimedia projects.[1] The Kaltura HTML5 video editor which enables collaborative video editing and has been accessible as a preview gadget on [2] for some time, but only recently have browsers media support improved enough to make the application practical. Other Media Labs efforts such as firefogg uploading into the upload wizard, p2pnext HTML5 p2p video transport system and Universal Subtitles editor will also be highlighted.

These efforts will be presented with a focus on the development models used and how the process can be improved to be more inviting to innovative web application development within the Wikimedia community and mediaWiki technology platform.

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