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Submissions/Quality and Engagement: Making the Connection

From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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Quality and Engagement: Making the Connection
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Erik Moeller, Guillaume Paumier
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erik at wikimedia dot org
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United States
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Wikimedia Foundation
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The Article Feedback Tool developed by the Wikimedia Foundation
Wireframe of an extended article review tool (review panel) (see mw:Article feedback/Extended review

Most of Wikimedia's quality assurance processes have been internally focused -- Wikimedians usings social processes (like "featured article candidates" or "peer review" on the English Wikipedia) or technical tools (like Flagged Revisions/Pending Changes, the Abuse Filter, or various edit patrolling tools) to protect, measure and increase content quality.

Wikimedia projects serve more than 400 million people every month. The number of registered editors who make at least 5 edits in a month is less than 0.025% of that number. First data from the usage of the Article Feedback Tool developed by the Wikimedia Foundation indicates that our readers are passionate to engage regarding the quality of our content -- but the edit link may be a bridge too far, especially given the enormity of policy and markup complexity in mature language editions.

Giving readers better tools to flag quality issues (with a specific article or a specific edit), to praise authors, and to surface the highest quality content, has the potential to gradually help many more readers to become part of the Wikimedia community -- especially when combined with invitations and guidance along the way. It also could dramatically scale our ability to assess and improve content.

This talk will summarize findings from quality assessment and engagement experiments with the Article Feedback Tool, and present conceptual workflows for a more comprehensive toolset for quality assessment by readers, including credentialed experts.

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Knowledge and Collaboration
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