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Submissions/Wiki-assets as the embryo of free and global markets for patents and intellectual property rights

From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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Wiki-assets as the embryo of free and global markets for patents and intellectual property rights

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This proposal is aimed at avoiding legal systems from slowing down the generation of knowledge since they set up limits to its free compilation and dissemination.

In certain countries these systems impose sanctions to the violation of all kind of intellectual property rights. They create mechanisms to sanction users that do not own patents or intellectual property rights. The proposed system that would be further applied through wiki platforms and technologies consists on the creation of knowledge registers in all fields (wikiasset) through techniques based on the Hash function i.e. wikiright. The global asset counterpart would be the issuance of national level liabilities. This would be done inversely to the Priority Review Voucher that successfully operates in the US pharmaceutical sector and that is trying to be transposed in Europe.

This would contribute to promote the creation of global markets for all kind of patents and intellectual property rights. The counterpart to these new global frameworks as instruments for the development of human knowledge would be the temporary legitimation of initiatives like the one launched in Spain aimed at creating an extra-judiciary committee dependent on the Ministry of Culture. This initiative will decide which websites violate intellectual property rights and must be warned, sanctioned and closed. The objective is to find a balance of interests and ideas among the enormous possibilities that digital technologies have to bring down any regulatory barrier and the new economy laws described by professor Gustavo Matías (Digitalismo). This system has been conceived by the Spanish Consultancy Cambre Asociados whose external advisors would develop it in order to debate this at Wikimania 2011.

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