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Simulacrums of Wikipedia in Polish press - Comparative and Historic perspective
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Bartosz Kosinski
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Jagiellonian University in Krakow
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Wikipedia became first, extremely successful project of the global cooperation, using Wiki mechanism drawn up by Ward Cunningham in the mid 90s. This simple mechanism made great impact on the society, culture, management, social and practical fields of communication. New age of free culture, based on the global cooperation, on the culture of convergence has begun. From second side however, especially in case of the knowledge-based communities generating compendia of knowledge, also posed a threat in the receipt of the truth and reality. Problems in the ambiguous evaluation of this occurrence, the global reach and the remarkable influence on communities and the culture caused assuredly, that projects, such as Wikipedia quite often have become heroes of the press reports.

In the process of my presentation I will describe findings of my examinations which are grasping the way of communication about Wikipedia within all sorts of Polish paper press: universal, trade and specialist media. A frequency of announcing about Wikipedia and the character of statements will be analyzed. I want to juxtapose media directed at all sorts of recipients groups and put the temporal scale on it. Analysis of media will cover years 2001 – 2010, and groups of media directed to: the whole of society, computer specialists, women, men, teenagers, teachers, of minority groups (national and ethnic), businessmen.

The examination is supposed to enable to construct Wikipedia media images which will differ, depending on, what group they are being referred to. They will also evolve in time. I want to put these phenomena on the wider social, cultural and historical map and discover, what is supposed to build image of Wikipedia, as broad, overwhelming cultural phenomenon.

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People and Community
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