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Inclusionism, deletionism, bot created articles and notability exceptions correlated with user satisfaction

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Inclusionism, deletionism, bot created articles and notability exceptions

Although first two and last word are (usually) settled by well thought and voted for policies, that does not mean there are no exceptions which are currently not accounted for, and which have to be taken care of, sooner or later. As all they are related to number of articles a project have, same as bot created articles, when we mention corelation of user satisfaction with number of articles, which is strongly correlated on almost every project smaller than en wiki, we see connection, but we also need to see what to do in that "exceptional" situations.

Bot created articles - we all know that in most cases they are meaningless, and that there are a few cases when they more then welcome. Waray-Waray wiki have 101,754 articles and depth 0, compared to en wiki with depth 599 or he wiki with depth of 226. Somehow Waray-Waray wiki can seem to somebody like a disgrace, but if their community is happy with it, who are we to disallow that or say that is wrong choice?

When I was on wikiconference in Belgrade, representative of polish wiki have said that they have lot of articles of bad quality (I do not know of current situation), and that going somehow with inclusionism policy they managed to reach 4th position on list of largest Wikipedias (currently having 797,421 articles).

On my home wiki often arise idea of bot creation of multitude of articles, so "we would be better than..." What I want to point out is, that Wikipedia exist for users and it would not be without users, so overall user satisfaction with "their" project is important thing which need to be cared of. Usually (most users) are at peace with "their" articles, but sometimes bot which will create few tousands of relatively sensible date can move a large number of users - contributors to contribute more.

So although always quality is more important than quantity (I hope here on Wikimania I will learn how he wiki manage to get so high depth with relatively so low number of articles, I admire that), sometimes it is wise to have a smart job for a bot.

Notability exceptions.

If some writer is notable in some country and/or language, but there is no mention of him/her in some other language (he/she is not translated to other language, and is not currently presented in any media in target language except its native language). Is he/she notable enough to be presented to other wikipedias except to Wikipedia in authors native language? Currently that is per project decision, but should it be?

Bollywood movies found way, can same happen to animated movies of some small countries?

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