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Wikimedia Offline

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Manuel Schneider

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Wikimedia CH

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While Wikimedia's goal is to share the human knowledge with the whole world we must find ways to bring this knowledge in areas of the world where there is no, only part-time or very expensive connectivity. This requires a technical solution on how to use Wikimedia content offline, independant from Wikimedia's server farm. Also archiving of Wikimedia content faces the same technological challenges.

For the well-known and big Wikimedia projects issues are dealing with the big amount of data, suitable compression and random access to this data. Also the representation of the contents to the users has different requirements, based on the local specialities and devices available.

The smaller wikis - mostly the local language projects - deal with other problems such as special scripts, language and input support of operating systems or font issues.

Several projects work on solving these issues. This workshop intends to gather these projects together for an exchange of minds and coordinating future collaboration. While these are technical problems and solutions we also want to hear about the local and user requirements.

My reason to initiate this workshop is that I am founder and project lead of the openZIM project which deals with the storage issue and provides a unified format to exchange Wikimedia content without a wiki. My intention of this workshop is to integrate the audience and find a consesus and common ground for future development of the different offline projects. So please feel free to just sneak in to learn about the offline issues or come and bring your own presentation that fits into the topic, so we can create a bigger offline projects community to get better, collaborative results.

An interesting topic to discuss would also be offline editing. If there is someone dealing with that please join this workshop.

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