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Best practices in mentoring programs

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Tim Moritz (buecherwuermlein)

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In this workshop you will first get an introduction to the "best practices in mentoring programs"-project (you can find a short overview here) which started with my first results I presented at last Wikimania and about the new evaluation-results so far. What I plan to do is to create a collection of best practices in how to set up and organize any kind of mentoring systems.

In the last year a structure of a project has grown, the project is supported by Wikimedia Deutschland now and I've been collecting more and more data, analyzed the results of studies and used numbers, facts and stats to have more data about the influence of mentoring programs and other systems on communities and about the structure of existing mentoring programs and parallel systems and I will gain a lot more data about existing mentoring programs in the upcoming months by talking to people from the projects; I will upload all this material on the abovementioned page as soon as possible. The evaluation-state of the project should be finished by the end of the year 2011. This workshop should slowly start the structure-process of the project: Use the data to reach out to the other projects and as a motivation for them to create a mentoring program or another similar system.

I'd like to build three small groups in this workshop after a short introduction and presenting some of the material. One group for the outreach part of it to answer questions like how to reach out to other Wikimedia-projects and other Wikipedia-language-versions and maybe even discuss long-dated possibilities of public publicity.
Another group to discuss how to use all the given material and how to give the "best practices" (whatever this might be in the end) a good structured look: Which media should we use for this, which points should be highlighted, which other media beside meta can we use?
A last group is going to stay in the evaluation-process (in contrast to the other two groups which already discuss contents of the structure-process) and can exchange about special methods in mentoring programs, about similarities and about the acceptance of such systems in the global and in the local communities (consensus?) [this one is going to be the biggest group with the highest interest, I suggest].

In the end, all results should be presented to the whole group, especially the last group can bring great results to the actual project-process.

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People and Community

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Ireas and Nemo bis will undertake the session for health reasons.

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