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Editing 2.0: MediaWiki's upcoming visual editor and the future of templates
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Brion Vibber, Neil Kandalgaonkar, Trevor Parscal
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User:Brion VIBBER, mw:User:NeilK, mw:User:Trevor_Parscal
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United States, Canada
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Wikimedia Foundation
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Brion -, NeilK -
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A rich ecosystem of templates and extensions has made MediaWiki as used in Wikipedia and other projects incredibly rich and powerful, but has taken its toll on ease of use. Page markup has become denser and more complicated, while state-of-the-art web applications have become more powerful and interactive. The unspecified parser has also been a roadblock for many reusers of Wikimedia content.

This year we're changing that: we're creating a solid specification of the wiki markup and a document structure to build from it, which many editing and conversion tools will be able to use directly. We'll be demoing an early version of the visual editor built on top of this, as well as showing off testing tools that anyone can use to help identify problem pages and templates that need to be restructured to work in the future.

In an effort to make the transition less painful, we'll lay out a plan for migrating templates and pages to the new parser and editing tools, and show what sort of template structures will actually need adjusting and how to do it.

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Brion: yes, NeilK & Trevor: no
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Current information on these ongoing projects will be available under the Future section on


(Some screencast demos included in the slides do not animate in the PDF. I'll try to make an animated version available that's not dependent on Keynote!)

This presentation will likely have a lot of content as there are three presenters and it will span everything from low-level parsing up to rich text editing, and there will be some technology demos. Including a short question period, this should probably take 90 minutes.

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