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CoSyne: Multilingual Content Synchronization with Wikis
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A Bronner
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The Netherlands
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Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision ; University of Amsterdam
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CoSyne is a European research & development project concerning the synchronization of multilingual content in wiki environments. The project brings together several areas of active research: statistical machine translation, recognizing textual entailment and structural analysis of wiki pages. The project's objective is to develop a system that identifies overlapping segments in different language versions of a page, translates only non-overlapping segments and finds optimal insertion points for translations in order to preserve coherence. The output of an automated multilingual synchronization process is not expected to be satisfactory. Therefore the second objective of the project is to let wiki users correct the output, analyze user corrections and exploit them in order to gradually improve performance using self-learning techniques. The research is led by four academic institutions: University of Amsterdam, Dublin City University, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, and Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies. Development and evaluation are done in private wiki environments of two end-user partners: Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and Deutsche Welle. A third end-user partner that will participate in the evaluation is Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland. The project focuses on several European languages and uses MediaWiki software as wiki platform. The project started in March 2010 and will continue till March 2013. The presentation at Wikimania 2011 will introduce the project to the Wikimedia community, will discuss the challenges it faces and will explain the role of users in its success. CoSyne is a system under development. The project consortium plans to present again at Wikimania 2012 and report on its progress.
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Wiki Infrastructure and Technology
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