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Submissions/What place for companies on Wikipedia ?

From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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What place for companies on Wikipedia ?

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Christophe Henner

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schiste - christophe.henner@gmail.com

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Wikimedia France

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For years Wikipedian have been "hunting" companies trying to "improve" their articles. At that time Wikipedia website was known but not its core concepts. Result was companies thinking of the articles about them as theirs and couldn't even consider that they would not own those articles.

Within a few years things have changed. First Wikipedia is better known. If not everyone in those companies fully understand the entire concept, they generally know and understand that we're a collaborative project. Second, 2000s' was the time of the green communication. With the explosion of Social Medias, companies are more and more going to social communication. They're more and more trying to have a conversational relationship with their customers, offer them non-commercial content, etc.

And here is an opportunity for us.

During my presentation, I'll try to explain why companies might be our next "GLAM" and how they can improve our projects. I'll also try to show we can have companies participating in Wikipédia, respecting all of our rules, and be fine with that.

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People and Community - Knowledge and Collaboration

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