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Submissions/Cultural Fair Use, Political Narrative and Copyright.

From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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Cultural Fair Use, Political Narrative and Copyright
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Chief Legal Counsel, Hamakor - Israel's Open Source Association.

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Most people understand fair use as their right to use other's work for certain purposes and in certain attributes such as research papers, journalistic reporting and critique. However, another aspect of fair use exists, which is the cultural fair use: a society's right to use copyrighted material once such material became so affiliated with the basis of that culture.

In my brief lecture, I shall discuss whether states and governments have copyright in different countries, and whether the citizens of those states are entitled to use state copyrighted material, if it is copyrighted. I'll highlight from the Israeli attempt to enact the "Wikipedia Act" to allow use of the national photo archive for non-commercial purposes and explain the non-monetary rationales behind Israel's copyright in national photos, statistical data and maps.

Following such introduction, I'll inquire whether a model accepting fair use as a defense, where states prefer not to enforce their legal rights, allow the same results and provide Wikipedia and other non-profits the ability to use copyrighted material.

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