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Submissions/GLAM partnerships in the real life

From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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GLAM partnerships in the real life

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Adrienne Alix

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Wikimedia France

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GLAM partnerships in the real life...

Wikimedia chapters have long sought to work with GLAM institutions and it was difficult : we were seen as a kind of pirates, strange people.

Years passed and thanks to some founding and symbolic partnerships (Bundesarchiv, Bibliotheque Nationale de France, British Museum etc.) we now have many GLAMs who want to work with us.

The question that comes is this: How will these partnerships grow into the life of communities of contributors? There is often more work to do to integrate data from GLAM (photos, text etc): What is the role of the chapter, what can we ask from contributors, how to work with on the one side GLAMs who want deadlines, reporting, and on the other side a community that is not a force of workers in our service?

My talk will explore these issues and explain different experiences from the past and present, with great realism and without idealism : To show a few scenarios that can prevent stress and allow us to continue working to open GLAM new partnerships without cutting ourselves off from the community. I would also start thinking about another way to offer GLAM to open, without formal partnership and therefore not put the chapter in a difficult position with the GLAM and to the community:

My statement is based on my experience as a contributor for over 5 years on projects with a large presence in the community, and my experience as president of Wikimedia France for over 2 years, for which I followed closely all partnerships and I negotiated a part.

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