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From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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Collaborative Watchlist

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Kurt Kulac


Christoph Breitler

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We want to present the MediaWiki extension "Collaborative Watchlist" and also get additional ideas of improving it. As we already have a working installation of this extension we plan to do some kind of evaluation and development Workshop, which is split in two parts. In the first part we want to show what the extension can do and how other projects can make use of it. In the second part we want to have an open discussion on how to improve the extension and what special needs other language Wikimedia projects may have concerning the "Collaborative Watchlist".

The "Collobobrative Watchlist" is an extended implementation for the well known user watchlist Mediawiki has. Showing changes in a list of pages and also categories (including subcategories). But instead of being used by one single user it can be used by groups of users in a collaborative way. The goal is a distributed effort for patrolling all recent changes within a defined category (or article-list) with a number of users who have to tick off changes to this "multi user" Watchlist only once because the list entrys disappear after being checked when used in default-mode. This prevents doing the same work multiple times by multiple users. Users can also add comments on the changes that they have done, add tags to edits, similar to the projects of quality and importance scales on the english language Wikipedia.

The development of the extension was funded by Wikimedia Österreich (Austria). Hopefully it will be integrated and tested on the german language and other Wikipedias soon.

The code can be found on the Wikimedia Subversion repository:

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Knowledge and Collaboration

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