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Wikipedia in the Academic World - Lessons learned from Christian Theology Writing Competition in Wikipedia Indonesia
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Stephen Suleeman
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Jakarta Theological Seminary
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Wikipedia articles are usually not acceptable in the academic world because they are not considered academic enough or because their qualities cannot be guaranteed to be of academic standing. For two consecutive years Wikimedia Indonesia has organized Wikipedia competitions. The main goal of these competitions is to increase the total number of its articles as well as to guarantee the soundness of their contents. In 2011 there are three competitions running simultaneously. One of them is specifically aimed at Christian theological articles. Three jurors are in charge, two with theological background, and another one is a lay Muslim Wikipedia activist. This effort has helped the participants in writing articles that are balanced, written in a language understood by non-Christians, and are based on reliable bibliographical resources. This experience could help Wikipedia to become a reliable academic source especially in countries where books are very expensive and not easily available.
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Wiki and Education
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