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Submissions/"Get Jimmy off my screen!" - the donations model for the 2010-2011 fundraiser

From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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"Get Jimmy off my screen!" - the donations model for the 2010-2011 fundraiser.
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Philippe Beaudette (Head of Reader Relations, Wikimedia) and Megan Hernandez (Head of Fundraiser, Wikimedia)
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The Wikimedia Foundation's 2010-2011 fundraiser was a stunning success, breaking every record previously set for revenue, and was the shortest in history. This wasn't accomplished through luck alone - the skills of hundreds of people were put to the test through the Wikimedia movement. This presentation will focus on the fundraiser from the perspective of Foundation staff, and take you through the decision making process, what makes a "good" or "bad" message; analysis that was used; and the community perspectives that were brought to bear. We'll discuss a model for next year, and hopefully begin to have a shared understanding of how the Fundraiser will and should function for the future. For this panel discussion, we won't just focus on the experience of staff and chapters, but will instead focus on sharing the story of how the fundraiser worked, and identifying best (and worst!) practices for the future. In addition to looking backwards to evaluate the 2010-2011 fundraiser, we'll share early planning for the 2011-2012 fundraiser, and discuss the challenges that come with fundraising in a global market, with various payment systems, currencies, and cultural norms. We'll talk about the role of chapters in fundraising, the role of the independent Wikimedian, and the role of the Foundation. This will be an excellent chance to influence early decision-making for the 2011-2012 fundraiser.
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People and Community
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Yes - both Megan and Philippe
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Slides will be created and made publicly available. Slides are available at my website.

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