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Wikimedia and the Public Domain
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Panel discussion
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Ryan Kaldari
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Wikimedia Foundation
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Wikimedia is one of the largest repositories (and users) of public domain material in the world. Commons alone hosts over 3 million public domain files. Increasingly, however, the public domain is coming under threat from a variety of sources: governments restoring copyrights on public domain material, media companies pushing for longer and longer copyright terms, museums and archives acting as gatekeepers to the works they house, DMCA abuse, etc. As one of the most prominent projects in the Free Culture movement, how do we address these problems and work to protect the public domain for the long term?
This will be a panel discussion covering the following topics:
  • Golan v. Holder and the impact of restoring copyrights
  • GLAM institutes: friend or foe?
  • Copyright law reform: targets and strategies
  • Orphan works, restorations, and other legal grey areas
  • The past and future of public domain - Are we losing the battle?
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People and Community
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