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Submissions/Iberocoop: Regional cooperation in action

From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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Iberocoop: Regional cooperation in action.
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Galileo Vidoni, Ivana Lysholm & Osmar Valdebenito
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galiowikimedia.org.ar, ishawikimedia.org.ar & osmarwikimediachile.cl
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Argentina & Chile
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Wikimedia Argentina & Wikimedia Chile / Iberocoop
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Iberocoop is a regional cooperation framework that brings together existing Wikimedia chapters and working groups in Ibero-America (Latin America, Spain and Portugal) plus Italy. It was created after a successful meeting in Wikimania 2010 and aims to foster collaboration between its participating groups, who share strong linguistic and cultural ties. Its mailing list is unique in that is effectively multilingual: participants write in their own native languages (Italian, Spanish or Portuguese).

From June 24-26, 2011, the first Ibero-American Wikimedia Summit will be held in Buenos Aires and representatives from Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Uruguay and Venezuela will be invited. We will deal with different topics and challenges having to do with both our region and the Wikimedia movement as a whole, speaking in our native languages and including not only existing chapters but also those groups that are making their first steps towards organization.

We want the Ibero-American Wikimedia Summit to be useful for future, new and existing chapters; to establish a landmark on using languages other than English on the global level; to produce input for the WMF and chapters on implementing the movement’s strategic goals in Ibero-America; and especially to help strenghtening the Wikimedia movement in Latin America, as a particular region within the developing world/Global South/Third World (we’ll also discuss this ‘Global South’ concept).

In this panel, different members from Iberocoop’s participant groups will explore the advantages, challenges and opportunities of our proposed model of regional cooperation (Why? When? How?), and to share with the rest of the movement our common initiatives so far, as well the ideas, experiences and conclussions gathered after the Ibero-American Summit.

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