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Submissions/Collaborative Diplomacy

From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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Collaborative Diplomacy

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Tiffany Smith

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United States

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US Department of State – Office of eDiplomacy; US Embassy Tel Aviv

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http://www.state.gov/m/irm/ediplomacy, http://israel.usembassy.gov/

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The promise and potential of connection technologies and their application to 21st Century Statecraft have begun to be demonstrated in the past few years. Wiki culture, by employing a collaborative spirit in resolving challenges and sharing information, has helped teachers and students around the world, provided new methods to distribute ideas, and reached beyond traditional borders to promote innovation in small, substantive, and significant ways. The US Department of State uses MediaWiki behind the firewall to collaborate on an online foreign affairs encyclopedia called “Diplopedia”, and the evolution of Diplopedia has been presented at three Wikimanias in the past five years. This presentation will reference our ongoing work in developing Diplopedia, but we’ll also use this opportunity to engage participants in a discussion about the future of government collaboration and wiki culture in the Arab-Israeli dialogue. Specifically, panelists from the Office of eDiplomacy and US Embassy Tel Aviv will address:

  • The potential use of a wiki as a knowledge medium for government and diplomats to achieve peace;
  • The USG’s experience using social media to communicate with Israelis and Palestinians;
  • And based on the first two points, what it would take for a wiki (or any social media tool) to foster an Arab-Israeli dialogue and conflict resolution.

The panel presenters have unique and varying perspectives on social media use and plan to include representation from the senior leadership level at US Embassy Tel Aviv as well as the coordinator for the Knowledge Leadership team and the lead developer for Diplopedia in the Office of eDiplomacy. Most importantly, however, the panelists hope to learn from audience participation and use what they learn to develop new and enduring uses of technology that will sustain and foster productive dialogue in the future.

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Wiki Culture and the Community

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