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Submissions/The line of sufficiency

From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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The line of sufficiency
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Kiril Simeonovski
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Wikimedia Macedonia
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Given the fact that there is a minimum level of significance which the topic must provide, the editing on the Wikimedia projects is somehow limited. This is mainly addressed to Wikipedia, where it becomes a serious problem which may disparage many of its editors. Whether a person is sufficiently notable or not is the most common question, which prompts a discussion tending to define the line of sufficiency as a guideline on the project. The discussion usually ends with a consensus made by a majority, which is possibly the most appropriate solution to make a decision, but could also influence negative on the editors who edit content under the line. I've been included in such discussions on the Macedonian and on the English Wikipedia, and my insight is that the line is deeply lower on the English Wikipedia, possibly due to the times larger amount of articles and the detailed coverage of all topics. During my presentations about Wikipedia, I'm usually asked about it, which in general creates a contest about the encyclopedic content. Surely, it's a valid topic of discussion with intention of many opinions and solutions to be considered.

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People and Community
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