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Submissions/Support the miners - improving quality by boosting editors work

From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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Support the miners - improving quality by boosting editor work

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Denis Barthel

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Wikimedia Deutschland

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In 2007 Wikimedia Deutschland started a literature grant program on request of community members from the German-language Wikipedia. The program has been continuously running since then and supports Wikipedia editors as it provides them access to high-quality reference literature, thus they can use it as a reference in their Wikipedia work. This strengthens the quality of their contributions especially in cases, when editors have no academical background and are unable to access high-end literature in other ways.

The program started as a small pilot project for active editors in the field of Biology only. Throughout the years it has broadened its spectrum and nowadays serves about fifteen WikiProjects, among them all major arts and sciences, many of them with subordinated topics (e.g. history, music, art). Beside granting monographical works there are collective accesses to specific scientific databases and a program for access to journal papers. Meanwhile thousands of articles have profited from the program and a significant part of the most active editors of the German-language Wikipedia has used the offer already.

Just a few projects in the global Wikimedia movement currently support Wikipedia editors in their work. After a short introduction on the uniquely advanced (?) system of WikiProjekt, Portal and Redaktion in the German-language Wikipedia, this report presents on the experiences with the literature grant program from 2007 on. The presentation includes the goals of the program, the development of rules, administrative tasks, funding, evaluation of success and feedback from the community. In a supplement an additional overview on results of the freshly initiated support program on topic-specific meetings of participants of WikiProjects is given.

The program has been adapted by Wikimedia Austria some years ago already. The intention is to cause some more adaptations by other chapters as it is an easy to set up and useful program. Furthermore it is intended to discuss ways to make the program even more fitting to the expectations of editors and the quality of Wikipedia.

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