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From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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Where next in GLAM?
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Collaboration projects with "GLAMs" (the cultural heritage sector) has become one of the most visible success stories of the Wikimedia movement over the last two years. Many national conferences, tour and events, "in-residence" programs, mass-multimedia donations, technical developments, expert training and qualitative/quantitative content improvement have been made specifically under the banner of GLAM-Wikimedia collaboration. This year the Wikimedia Foundation funded the temporary position of "cultural partnerships fellow" - the presenter - to help build the capacity of the community in this field and capitalise on the momentum that had been created.

This presentation will first briefly report on the activities of the Cultural Partnerships Fellow from beginning in December 2010 until now. Then it will propose for discussion several options to answer the question"what should we do now" - How should Wikimedia (especially the Foundation and Chapters) invest their time, money and energy in future for GLAM activities? There are at least for major alternatives in how to coordinate GLAM collaborations in the future:

  • Ad-hoc model - volunteers undertaking projects as we've always done (low risk, low cost, low reward)
  • Fellowship model - continuing the concept of the 'cultural partnerships fellow' with an annually rotating WMF position to coordinate (low risk, moderate cost, moderate reward)
  • Coordinator model - chapters to invest in national-level GLAM coordinators to recruit/train/support a network of volunteers running projects, coordinating amongst themselves (moderate risk, moderate cost, high reward)
  • Institute model - build a self-funding research institute focused on GLAM issues especially technological (high risk, high cost, high reward)

The presentation will set out the advantages and disadvantages of these options and will attempt to provoke debate on their relative merits. The outcome of this conversation (during and subsequent to Wikimania) will form the key recommendations of the Cultural Partnerships Fellow's concluding report in December 2011.

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