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How information on Wikipedia spreads to other media

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  • MADe (Belgium; author, speaker)
  • contributors of several smaller wikis (Polish, Bulgarian, Indish language) as well as the big ones (English, French, German).
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Wikipedia is an important source of information on the internet. This presentation focuses on:

  • which organisations use our information? Newspapers and other news websites, wikipedia-mirrors, discussion forums, search engines, other informational websites, metasites like Wolfram Alpha, Google cache...
  • What types of information do they use (content of the infoboxes, the text, images & video's, external links on the page, content from other wikimedia-projects like wikibooks or wikinews, geographical information, ...)
  • How do errors in Wikiprojects spread into other media? If an error is corrected in a wikipedia article, how long does it take for "the internet" to correct itself? Or does the wrong information stays online forever?
  • How can we avoid errors to spread? Can this help us to fine-tune our anti-vandalism tools?
  • And finally, how can we prevent wrong information to stay online forever? More frequent database dumps, wikipedia API, improved copyright warnings, ....
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  • I await the confirmation of my scholarship. Without a scholarship, I will not attend the conference.
  • This presentation is based on the presentation at Wikimania Gdansk (2010). During that conference, I came into contact with a lot of new people. Thanks to them I extended the presentation with more examples.
  • The content and tone of this presentation (professional, informative, amusing) will depend on the schedule.

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