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War and Peace: Writing Wikipedia Social Histories
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Maryana Pinchuk and Victoria Doronina
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Wikimedia Foundation
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The editors of the 270+ Wikipedia projects, especially the smaller ones, are often isolated from the largest and most well-known international projects (English, German, and French), because of language and time constraints. Even more critically, within all of the projects, large and small, the major events, milestones, and debates that have had a significant impact on the development of the community and the encyclopedia are contained in archived onwiki discussions and the memories of scattered groups of editors, with the result that most community members remain largely unaware not only of what occurs on other projects, but of the historical development of their own.

A pilot study of the Russian Wikipedia, one of the largest and most rapidly growing projects, can provide insight into possible methodological approaches and outcomes of composing Wikipedia social histories, as well as a preliminary foundation for longer and more in-depth research. In the long run, the accumulation of these types of studies would create a summary of general trends, illuminate meaningful cross-project comparisons, and suggest useful ways for both developing and well-established Wikipedia communities to continue to grow and flourish. Ultimately, the documentation of all Wikipedia social histories will provide a clearer, more culturally nuanced narrative of the entire Wikimedia movement.

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People and Community
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