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From Wikimania 2011 • Haifa, Israel

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Account Creation Improvement Project - getting the new users to start editing

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Lennart Guldbrandsson

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I will present the Account Creation Improvement Project, where we try to make it easier for new users to register an account, but also increase the likelihood of the new users actually starting to edit. Is that even possible? During this presentation I will show you a few things your Wikipedia language version can do to increase the inflow of new users who know how Wikipedia works.

First, a survey on new users. What do they want from their new accounts?

Then, a few small tests - and a clash with the Recent changes patrol on English Wikipedia, that had an interesting conclusion

And lastly, a technical solution to understand the new users, and what we learned from that.

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Wiki Culture and the Community

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Yes, probably.

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Not finished yet. Some experiments and some conclusions are still coming in.

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