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New age, new knowledge

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Dim Grits

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Why is Wikipedia and its principles are important to her novice writers? What is the mechanism of construction of Wikipedia is interesting to end users, just readers?

What global trands new age? Ther`a many differnts trands, but I`m focusing in few. Rise social inequality. Internet. Social network. Education 2.0.

Social inequality is a huge problem as all of humanity, and its separate local groups. Countries, regions and localities. It requires tremendous effort, a significant length of time necessary to overcome a considerable external resistance. But the Internet and social networks have created a great relatively cheap and quick to get over the bundle of humanity into disjoint worlds. Rich and poor, educated and illiterate, and specialists in various fields, warring nations, believers and atheists, etc. It`s Education 2.0 In my report I would like to stop at the axis of knowing — unknowing at few aspects.


Wiki are an excellent tool for open collaboration and knowledge sharing because they allow everyone to contribute and understanding how knowledge is mined from disparate and often contradictory information about the surrounding reality. Wikipedia teaches us how to get the knowledge. Studying the mechanism of writing articles, participating in their creation, discussion, finding neutral, but the true point of view, we not only expand the horizons of knowledge, but also gain skills in getting the truth from external sources. It makes young men free from the old dogma, racial, gender, ethnic and social prejudices, misconceptions authorities. Wikipedia helps young people to be educated, more than their environment and social status can give, and thus be freer and more confident in their lives.

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Knowledge and Collaboration

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